Who are the Pluma Collective, you ask? We are a collective of Filipinx-Canadian writers in Toronto whose work spans genres and generations.

But it goes far deeper than that. As one of our founding members Jennilee Austria says, “the Pluma Collective isn’t just about having Filipino buddies who also like books. It’s about being able use Taglish to text about books. It’s about hosting a book launch and sharing the spotlight with fellow writers. It’s about having people who will be your hype crew, not just on social media, but in person, too. It’s about finding group members whose life experiences line up with your own protagonist’s. It’s about bouncing ideas off one another and editing each other’s work without worrying about the micro-aggressions that sometimes arise in literary groups where everyone tells you how your characters should act based on the only two Filipinos they know. (Yes, this really happens!)”

Pluma is about taking control of our own narrative as Filipinx-Canadians and making magic together in the literary space – all while supporting and uplifting each other.